Autumn health face interview

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Autumn health face interview

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Autumn health face interview

Autumn health is expensive in raising yin and preventing dryness.

In autumn, the yang is gradually increasing and the yin is growing. Therefore, maintaining the body’s yin becomes the primary task, and the key to nourishing yin is to prevent dryness. This principle should be implemented in all aspects of life.

  Autumn dry lungs eat less Xin: Autumn rainfall is relatively reduced, the hair dryer is basically dry hot air, then the air is dry, this is the so-called “autumn dry”.

“Qiu dry” can be divided into two categories, one is just after the summer, the weather is still hot, the “warm dry” of the temperature difference between morning and evening; the other is the “cool dry” where the weather is really cool.

  Like the current climate, it is an obvious “warm and dry” climate. Under such climatic conditions, tonic is suitable for some other “warm” foods, such as: snow plow, pineapple, soy milk, honey, sugar cane, etc.Xin, spicy food, such as onions, ginger, pepper, pepper, to prevent Xin Wen help, aggravate the symptoms of lung dryness.

  In September and October, the temperature gradually dropped and entered “cool and dry”. At this time, it was a good choice to use “ears”, “hoof”, “apple”, “mountain”, “milk” and other food tonic.

Of course, whether it is “warm dry” or “cool dry”, we must pay attention to the balance of tonic, turn to “flat” and “nourishing”, pay full attention to the “micro-element” and “vitamin” supplement, so as to obtain the idealTonic effect.

  Moderate drinking is the most important: drink more water during the summer sweaty season, the air humidity is small in the autumn, the wind is strong, and the human sweat evaporates faster and needs more water.

Moderate drinking water is a maintenance measure that is moist and dry in the fall.

Drinking water with a small amount of frequent drinking is better, not suitable for binge drinking, drinking a large amount of water at a time, will increase the burden of intake, causing discomfort, only a small amount of slow drink, “moisturizing fine and silent” can match mouth, nose, throat, throat, esophagus, and evenThe trachea produces a moisturizing effect on the particle size.

In addition to eating more fresh vegetables, fruits, if necessary, can take vitamin B1, B2 and vitamin C 1-2 tablets every day.

  Lung dry wound liver should eat acid: from the Chinese medicine five elements of raw grams, the lung is gold, liver is wood, Jinwang can Kemu, so that liver wood damage.

Therefore, you should eat sour foods such as apples, pomegranates, grapes, mangoes, cherries, grapefruits, lemons, hawthorns, tomatoes, alfalfa, etc.

Because “acid into the liver”, it can strengthen the liver wood, prevent the lungs from causing damage to the liver, and can also lead to thirst, spleen and digestion, and increase appetite.

Sour food can astringe the liver, have the effect of protecting the liver and protecting the liver, but it can not be excessive.

Because many acidic foods, such as vinegar, ebony, etc., its sour taste can stimulate the stomach, prone to stomach ulcers, gastritis and other diseases, which are not good for the body.

  Autumn practice Qigong raises lungs: Autumn is also the golden season for practicing Qigong. It often exercises Qigong, can regulate the lungs and prevent colds.

In the morning, choose the fresh air, adjust the interest rate and slowly inhale the gas to replace it, then close the teeth and gently exhale, then breathe out for 30 times.

Practicing Qigong is also good for treating lung diseases.

Chronic bronchitis, patients with hypertension, should pay close attention to treatment in the fall to alleviate the symptoms after winter.