Pick fruits to see your recent love luck

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Pick fruits to see your recent love luck

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Pick fruits to see your recent love luck

One day you quarreled with your lover and you fell out the door.

Who knows that there was heavy rain halfway, the lightning flashed and thundered, and you, without an umbrella and penniless, ran to a streetside shelter from the rain.

Waited a long time and the rain didn’t stop.

At this time, you are already thirsty and cold and don’t know what to do. A fruit vendor who is sheltering from the rain under the eaves is kind and wants to give you some fruits.

At this moment, you see that the lover is looking for you anxiously in the street with an umbrella.

You immediately picked one and ran towards the lover.

You will pick . A, pitaya B, grapefruit C, pomegranate D, watermelon E, lemon. Analysis of results: choose A: pitaya is expensive.

But it has an outstanding appearance, it is very stylish, and it is very high-grade.

So you have some kind of vanity about love. You look good, have a good family, and have a successful lover.

Even if the two get along in private, whether the lover really suits you is not the most important thing in your opinion, everyone can accommodate and run in with each other.

But is this substandard taste of pitaya really suitable for you?

  Option B: Eating grapefruit is very troublesome. It is very difficult to peel a thick layer of skin, then remove the white inner layer, and then peel another layer of transparent skin to eat.

But this is exactly what you want?

This feeling of giving.

In other words, a slight tendency to masochistic.

Feelings that are too smooth and too stable always make you want to run away and don’t know to cherish them.

It takes a lot of hard work and torture to get it, then it feels good.

  Choice C: The pomegranate commented that other fruit mutations were so special that they seemed to consist of N small cells.

In fact, love is also the same, composed of many trivial things.

So don’t imagine that love is too perfect, it will make the other person very hard.

Romance is important, but pursuing only perfect appearances will bring very unreal feelings to each other, and you will be disappointed when you really live together.

  Choice D: Sometimes I buy a watermelon and cut it back, it is red and sweet, and sometimes the cut watermelon is not red or sweet.

Watermelon is a fruit that tests the eye of a person who chooses melon.

So love is not necessarily a good-looking person, and there are many elements of luck.

But don’t doubt the luck to treat love.

You who prefer to bet, don’t bet on your marriage.

  Choice E: Lemons mostly come in the form of supporting characters, a seasoning for cooking, a taste of wine mixing, but without it, it will be overshadowed.

So you have to be careful about the role, protagonist, or supporting role that you have always replaced in other people’s love.

The fate of the supporting role is to become the protagonist; the second is to leave, of course, if you can continue to endure the pain of becoming a supporting role; the third is to continue to be good.

It may not be the opposite sex that competes with you, it may be the cause of the other person, or a hobby.